In July 2016, I hosted a Private *2* Day Closing & Marketing University Boot Camp for only 20 people.

You could only get in this seminar if you held one of the 20 tickets - which were ONLY available to my coaching students.

In other words - if you weren’t already “in the circle”, you were not able to join the seminar. Some of my students drove and flew for hours just to attend this seminar…

But ALL of them were very pleasantly surprised at the incredible quality of the content they received. Don’t just listen to me though - here are a few of the RAVING reviews they sent in:

"Another fantastic event! Now, I am a double doctor with my Ph.D. in Marketing from John Di Lemme. This event is a must for anyone that wants to transform their business and their profits!"

- Dr. Ira Bloomfield, Physician & Consultant

"This was the most impactful Closing & Marketing Boot Camp that I've ever attended...WOW! I especially loved the section on how to deliver a focused presentation to my client. I am refocused on implementation, improvement, and my results. I expect that the notes that I took over the past two days will generate at least 10 million dollars in my business!"

- Carol Smith, Construction Company Owner

"The vision that I received from this weekend's event will explode my business for years to come! The goals for me and my business are getting clearer especially with the specific steps that John taught that will definitely generate the results that I desire. I especially loved the presentation section in which John taught how to develop and execute a presentation with confidence plus how to make recommendations that are vital for my customers. Customer loyalty is the rocket fuel for my business!"

- Steve Meyer, Corporate IT Consultant

I’m Sure You’ll Agree that this is some INCREDIBLE feedback.

And it’s there for a good reason

there was a TON of action-packed content in this two day event!

From start to finish, I was throwing out fact after fact of actionable advice that you could use INSTANTLY to boost your business profits, grow your business, and develop better relationships with your customers.

Some of the students took up to 30 pages of NOTES on the information received… and have been applying it to boost their business ever since.

Now, I know. It’s may seem hard to believe you could cram that much valuable information into just 16 hours.

With all my decades of coaching experience and business success, I managed to do it - and packed a huge amount of highly profitable information into this seminar.

See for yourself.

Check out just SOME of the incredible knowledge revealed at this powerful event...

  • What Jeff Bezos’ 100 billion dollar mission for Amazon is… why it’s so powerful, and how you can use it to boost your business results!
  • What needs to be in your customers' hands before mentioning your price point or your product. Without this vital piece of information, they are unlikely to ever make a purchase.
  • The only two things that can ever cause you to take action, and one emotion that causes inaction.
  • Why a simple notebook and pen can be a powerful asset in your business plus earn you millions!
  • You can’t buy or fake real relationships with your clients and customers, no matter how much you try. What you should focus on instead to RADICALLY explode your business results…
  • A decision Amazon made to ensure they keep growing while Macy’s is going out of business - Make this decision in your own business to keep growing and keeping customers for the long term!
  • The exact way you need to feel about the results your clients receive from your products to deliver the best possible product/service.
  • How most people’s egos stop them from ever reaching their potential… and how you can transform your life with this boot camp...

Once again, these are just a FEW nuggets that John shared at this powerful event. There are MANY more incredibly powerful marketing facts, concepts, strategies, mindsets, and habits You can use to skyrocket the bottom line of your business!

Now, given the depth and massive value of content they received, the attendees were extremely satisfied with the seminar.

But don’t just listen to me. Here’s just a few of the *Real Reviews* the attendees of the event sent in:

"Thank you for such an amazing event. I love the Closing and Marketing Boot Camp for the strategic strategies and subject lines that I can start implementing in my business immediately! John has certainly taught me that my marketing and communication need to constantly evolve and improve - this event certainly makes that simple and possible for me to do! "

- Dr. Christa Krzeminski, Holistic Health Practitioner & Nutrition Expert

"Thank you for always providing new wisdom every time that I attend an event! This time, I learned that building my confidence and self-belief is a must. There's no way that I can provide extreme customer service and believe in my clients if I don't believe in myself. More importantly, it's impossible for me to end their worry, fear, and anxiety and solve the problem that they are experiencing if I'm not confident that I can do it! Thank you for providing such a learning and growing yet fun environment! "

- Richard Grimm, Renovation and Painting Specialist

"The strategies that I learned over the past two days are highly valuable marketing principles and words that will lead to my mind-blowing results. I will take this wisdom to build and grow my loyal customer base. I will consistently implement and learn from my failing forward experiences to confidently customize, specialize, and improve my strategic funnel system to produce a memorable customer experience."

- David Hennemann, Realtor

I’m sure you’ll agree that these are some RAVING reviews!

That’s the main reason why I’ve decided to offer the recordings of this two day boot camp up for sale, instead of keeping it locked up! There’s just so much value here that you can use to make your business grow… bringing that much more value to the world…

All the same content, all the same stories, and all the bonuses they’ve received - and were raving about afterward - are included in this package.


The pricing for the original *2* Day Closing and Marketing University Boot Camp WAS...

Originally I planned to offer this recording at the same price - given the HUGE amount of value that’s included, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s only fair.

But, I’ve decided that I'm going to BLOW OUT the remaining CD Sets that we have in the Success SuperStore at a HUGE discount - making sure you can get all this value and use it for your business, at an even lower price…

That’s why the pricing you’ll be paying today isn’t going to be the $1,497 the attendees paid…

In fact…

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I can’t even guarantee that this price will stay until the end of the day - it all depends on the people who make the decision to invests in this crazy deal before the cart shuts down.

But as you’re reading this, the pricing is still $97...OVER 90% Off!

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